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The Guide to Academic Success (PDF Digital Download)

The Guide to Academic Success (PDF Digital Download)

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This guide is for any student who has felt the pain of burnout, the guilt of feeling like they’re “not working hard enough” or the stress of trying to achieve their goals without compromising their social life.

In our Guide to Academic Success, you’ll learn evidence-based revision techniques, productivity tips, and early career advice; all of the strategies Jun has used to help tens of thousands of others lay the foundations for their future academic success.

This guide will show you everything from how to get more output from less input with your studying, balance your schedule with your personal life so you're not compromising the things you enjoy, and stand out in an increasingly competitive market to land your dream job. 

This guide is 100% digital so you’ll receive it immediately & upon ordering, an email will be delivered to you with a downloadable link that contains your copy of the guide!

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  • Digital Download.
  • Editable on iPads and tablets
  • Compatible with popular iPad and tablet note-taking applications.
  • 385 pages of resources and frameworks.



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Lay the foundations for your future academic success.

  • Retain, recall and comprehend your studying material at a great level.

  • Restore the balance between your student, work and social life.

  • Personal advice that will help you stand out from your peers both in-school and out-of-school.

  • Get the maximum output from your time input with productivity tips proven to help you get more done in less time.

  • Effectively articulate your potential on resumes & get your foot in the door with your dream internship opportunities.

  • Project yourself confidently in interviews and “sell yourself” with authority to land the highest paying positions post-uni.

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The Internet's Most Comprehensive Academic Study Guide.

What's inside:

Module 1: What you are likely doing wrong.

  • How to know if you've fallen into the numbers game trap
  • Why your notes are too "pretty"
  • Do you want studying to be easy?
  • How you are forgetting about the forgetting curve

Module 2: Your Intro to Evidence-Based Learning Techniques.

  • Principle One: Active Recall
  • Principle Two: Spaced Repetition
  • Principle Three: Interleaved Practice
  • Principle Four: Optimized Break
  • Actually Putting Together the Perfect Study System

Module 3: Productivity Tips.

  • Learn how to leverage Your Peak Productivity Window
  • Introduction to your second Brain
  • Time blocking mastery
  • The 5 Minute Rule
  • 321 Method
  • Pomodoro Technique
  • Night Alarm Clock
  • Stacking Micro Wins
  • Mindfulness Practice

Module 4: Personal Advice for Students.

  • Develop a Network
  • Develop a High Value Skill
  • Embracing the Difficulty
  • How to Build Good Habits

Module 5: Resume Writing.

  • Focus on Impact Using Measurable Metrics
  • Include Keywords Regarding Job Description and Soft Skills
  • Keep It Concise and Tailored with the Reviewer in Mind
  • Include a Comprehensive
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • My Own Resume

Module 6: Interview Tips.

  • Strong Introduction.
  • Strong Closing......
  • Never Just Tell, Always SHOW.
  • Come Prepared with Questions.
  • Research the Company Beforehand.

Join the 10,000+ students who have perfected their comprehension, recall & productivity using THIS guide...

Why learn from me?

I recognised early on in my academic career that I had the ambition to excel in more than just school. I wasn’t going to let anyone tell me I was being unrealistic. I wanted to be a great friend, son, boyfriend, scientist, entrepreneur and creator, all while being healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. 

I believe I’ve achieved just that. 

The exact methods in this guide have helped me excel academically, launch my own successful business while aiding my parents’ operation ALL without compromising on who I want to be and do personally.

Is it hard work? Yes. Is it achievable? Absolutely. Can you do the same? 100%.